With facts provided by unbiased, publicly funded fishery scientists and natural resource economists, supplemented with several first-person accounts by family fishermen, Wetland Riders captures the essence of Louisiana’s traditional coastal fishing culture during the transformational 1980s and 1990s. …Read More

Let the Good Times Roll—with a backdrop of Louisiana’s plentiful fisheries, vanishing wetlands, and skyrocketing numbers of tourist anglers—delivers a lively blow-by-blow account of the sportsmen’s successful campaign to ban the use of most fishing nets by the state’s traditional commercial fishermen. In addition to that reporting, three of those fishermen, in their own words, recall …Read More

As inimical as its intervention proved for commercial fishermen, coastal communities and consumers, the federal government’s involvement enabled an unprecedented overview of the entire Gulf of Mexico’s red drum population: It uncovered something astonishing—the species had begun to go missing years before Cajun Chef Paul Prudhomme blackened his first redfish. …Read More