South Louisiana’s traditional fishermen had supplied red drum to the markets and restaurants for so long that they didn’t believe the state’s government would take them away in the 1980s. Robert Fritchey wrote Wetland Riders to alert his fellow fishermen to the threat and enlist support from seafood consumers. …Read More

Redfish courtbouillon, trout almandine, and pompano en papillote were signature dishes in New Orleans cuisine. The main ingredients were wild finfish that commercial fishermen pulled from the Bayou State’s shallow coastal waters. In the mid-1990s, sportsmen took the fishermen’s nets but not without an epic battle. …Read More

As a mythical sea creature, the redfish ranks with Jonah’s regurgitating behemoth and the vengeful white whale of Melville, the difference being that the red drum really does exist and that the myths surrounding this bitterly contested fish originated not in great literature but in the campaign rhetoric of grasping anglers and pop media. …Read More

In the media of the mid-1990s, the world’s fisheries were in crisis, on the verge of extinction. In the water, the situation was different. Alabama’s fisheries were in fine shape but that didn’t stop recreational fishermen from going for the commercial fishermen’s nets. Science and sustainable use trumped emotion, at least for a while. …Read More